16 Apr 2018

Dear MBA Alumni – NUS Members

It is my honour and pleasure to address you as the new President of MBA Alumni – NUS. I would like to thank Dr Michael Teng and his outgoing team of board members who had volunteered their time and expertise unwaveringly for the Association in the past years. I am privileged to be able to lead a new and dynamic team. We are passionate about the Alumni and we want to bring greater value to our members and the association.2017 had been a great year for the Association – we welcomed a record 106 members into our fold.  This is a good launchpad for the new and interesting initiatives that our new team is planning for our members.  We have managed our financial reserves well and built a strong foundation to bring planned initiatives into fruition and support events that would benefit both our members and the community as a whole.

I am pleased to note that our members have given us a strong mandate by turning out in force during the inaugural Annual NUS MBA Alumni and Student Get Together Dinner – the first joint event organised by the Alumni association and the current batch of MBA students.  I hope you will continue to support our events and, better yet, come forward with your feedback and ideas on how we can bring the Association to greater heights!    

One of my visions for the Association is to collaborate more closely with the NUS Business School, the MBA students and the MBA Alumni in industry, and catalyse a strong network and nurture a lifelong bonding and pride of being an NUS MBA Alumni. To this end, I look forward to build closer ties with you, our valued member, in the years ahead. 

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